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1720 was founded by Kerstin Rice after discovering that more than 400 years of unbroken tradition in chairmaking at the northern edge of the Ore Mountains in Saxony (Germany) was on the verge of becoming extinct.

1720 plays a multifaceted role in protecting and promoting rare crafts and their intangible cultural heritage by combining awareness campaigns, policy advocacy, networking initiatives, and educational activities.

1720 showcases skills by creating limited-edition pieces designed to present specific craft skills in modern contexts and raises awareness by exhibiting them at prominent locations like the Staatsschauspiel Dresden.


1720 celebrates crafts and their cultural heritage in Germany and worldwide. Raising public awareness and education are key pillars of 1720's work. This includes sharing best practices in crafts education, such as presenting the German concept of voluntary service for monument preservation at a recent industry meeting in London.

Image credit: Sebastian Hoppe for Staatsschauspiel Dresden

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